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At Discovery Learning Center, we provide many extra curricular activities and programs to keep children engaged and enhance their learning experience. Included in these are storybook land, creative movement, music, chapel, gym and theme days. These developmentaly appropriate activities are designed for the children to have fun while maximizing their learning experience.

Storybook Land

Tammy Weatherford teaches Storybook Land on Wednesdays. The students read stories from various genres and authors, learning about the author and type of literature. After reading several books, they have the opportunity to enjoy centers and educational games related to the theme of the books. This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce children to the joy of reading!

Creative Movement

Creative Movement, taught by Aubrey Weatherford, gives students the opportunity to learn coordination, balance and flexibility through physical activity. Each Tuesday, classes will spend time working on physical activity skills in order to improve motor skills, creative thinking and teamwork. Miss Aubrey has been dancing for twenty-seven years.



Katie Tanner teaches our music class, bringing fun songs, movement, instruments and stories to life. Our children learn to express themselves through song and movement, working on the development of creative thought and expression. 



Chapel is held in the sanctuary of the church and allows our children to experience a spiritual worship service. Our First United Methodist Church Pastor Larry Varvel or our Associate Pastor Desi Sharp share Bible stories with the children that coordinate with the classroom curriculum being taught currently. 

Themed Educational Activities

Each age group participates in special, themed days throughout the year in order to further the educational experience.  Activities include a "camp out", a teddy bear picnic, Polar Express Day, restaurant day and the annual circus. In the spring, they learn make-believe on pirate and princess day and go on a gingerbread hunt.  These activities teach children the art of imagination.

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